Meet Our Dental Team

Dental Team

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our team's training, experience, and personalities. We look forward to knowing you as our relationship develops over time.

Barry L. Cole

Barry L. Cole, DDS

Dentist in Marshfield, WI

Prairie Run Dental, SC

Dr. Cole is the driving force behind the constant effort towards perfecting the art of dentistry within Prairie Run Dental.  He belongs to several professional organizations (WDA, AOS, ADA to name a few) and is working toward achieving Diplomate status within the American Orthodontic Society.   

What he couldn't live without:  Homebrewing, time spent with family and friends up north, and a good cup of coffee in the morning.


Amy - Office ManagerAmy - Administrator

As the administrator, Amy oversees the everyday efficiencies and management of Prairie Run Dental.  She is grateful to be working alongside her husband, Dr. Barry L. Cole, even though there are many days she doesn't even see him when she is working in the office. 

What she can't live without:  Long walks (no matter what the temperature), yoga, and a nice glass of Peju merlot.




Karen - Dental Assistant and Orthodontic TechnicianKaren – Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Technician

As one of the most versitile members of our team, Karen meets patients dental needs in the mornings and orthodontic needs in the afternoons.  When she isn't adjusting wires, or changing bands, she is editing orthodontic photos or making removable retainers. 

What she can't live without:  God, my family, country music, camping, and my dog, Milo.



Barb - Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Barb –RDH

Barb has been priviledged to care for generations of patients as their dental hygienist.  She catches on quickly to the use of the new technologies which makes her our "go-to" person when we have software questions.  We think she has "the patience of a saint" which must be because she is the mother of three boys ~ two of them twins!

What she can't live without:  Family, friends, honesty, love and knowledge.


Lisa - Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Lisa's love for dental hygiene is evident to all her patients and coworkers through her quality work and lasting relationships she has made over the course of her career.  She quietly but effectively works as a team player, always willing to lend a hand whenever needed.  We appreciate the calmness she brings to Prairie Run Dental and the twinkle in her eye whenever she greets you.

What she can't live without:  God, her family and friends, a sunny day in the garden, and a fun day of hiking.


Melissa – Dental AssistantMelissa - Dental Assistant

If you are nervous about having a dental procedure, you won't be for long if Melissa is your dental assistant.  She has a remarkable way of making patients feel comfortable and safe at Prairie Run Dental.  During the holidays, she will decorate throughout the office to create a beautiful atmosphere for all to enjoy the minute you walk in the door.  She has the most contagious laugh which is bound to make you smile!

What she can't live without:  Communication ( I LOVE to talk!), laughter, music (especially by Kid Rock), coffee, and a cold Coors Light.


Joann - Administratve Assistant

Joann – Administratve AssistantJoann's 10+ years of dealing with patient's dental benefits plans makes her a valuable resource for our patients.  She will work tirelessly to help you achieve the most benefit from your plan.  If she isn't on the phone with insurance companies, she will be greeting you as you walk in the door or working on a business report for Amy.  Don't be surprised if she remembers your name by the second time she meets you ~ she's got that gift!

What she can't live without:  Her supportive family, loyal friends, racing, technology, and Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza.



Becky - Receptionist and Orthodontic Technician

Becky - Receptionist and Orthodontic Technician

This beautiful smile will probably be the first one you see when you walk into Prairie Run Dental.  Becky is another very versitile team member.  In the mornings she will be greeting patients as they check in and in the afternoons she will be working with our orthodontic patients.  You might even get a call from her, making sure your previous dental procedure is working out well for you.

What she can't live without:  God, her family (and it is a big, extended family!), love, music (she has a beautiful singing voice), and her dogs, Pip and Chowder.



Kailey - Clinical Assistant  

Kailey is the newest addition to our team.  Her main objective is to make everyone's lives easier within the practice.  All of our team members have grown to rely on Kailey to streamline their efficiency and productivity.  We unanimously agree that we have no idea how we worked for so many years without her help!  When you meet Kailey, you will immediately be put at ease by her sparkling smile and twinkling eyes.


Claire - Dental Assistant

Becky - Receptionist and Orthodontic Technician

We are fortunate to welcome Claire to the Prairie Run Dental team.  Her experience and warmth add to the quality of care our patients have come to expect.  She generously shares her kind-hearted spirit and dental knowledge with all of us.

What she can't live without:  God, time spent with her family, and a day on the water.